The Company

HRC Technologies Ltd. was incorporated as private limited company in the year 1999. The company was formed with a vision to operate primarily in the field of communication and information technology. By and large the vision takes shape in reality and at present the company operates in multiple dimensions in ICT sectors. HRC Technologies Ltd. operates as Internet service Provider (ISP) since its inception and later the company acquired the license for IP Telephony and recently acquired the license to operate the International Telecommunication Gateway (IGW) service for voice traffic in Bangladesh.

Overview of the Group

In 2009 HRC technologies Ltd. became a member company of the GETCO Group of companies. The Name GETCO is well known to the people of Bangladesh as one of the large conglomerates. Joining under the umbrella of GETCO Group, HRC Technologies Ltd. gained a strong up thrust in its growth. It is because GETCO has its long experience in telecom sector since 1989. This experience keeps HRC to achieve its goal in a short time. GETCO Group has 8 (eight) sister organizations working in different sectors such as Agro based Production, Agro Chemicals, Telecommunication, Power Generation, Real Estate Development, Aviation (private cargo airlines operator), Mining, Railway etc.

Capability and Strength of HRC

HRC has been providing services a s nation-wide Internet Service Provider (ISP) and nation-wide IP Telephony Service Provider (IPTSP) which In turn let the employees of the company become rich with the knowledge and experience of telecommunications and information technologies This is the main strength of HRC Technologies Ltd. and such In-house resource personnel are always ready to provide the best possible services to our clients.

HRC Technologies Limited as an International Gateway (IGW) Operator

HRC Technologies limited is a new entrant as a Government licensed International Gateway Operator in Bangladesh It is one of the International Gateway (IGW) service providers in Bangladesh with an aim to become the leading gateway service provider with the highest standards of service ensuring reliability and affordability.